Distinguished Speaker Series

2020 - Bette Korber, PhD
Laboratory Fellow
Los Alamos National Laboratory
US Department of Energy

Dr. Bette Korber, Ph.D., is a Laboratory Fellow at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in the Theoretical Biology and Biophysics Group. She leads an interdisciplinary team that provides bioinformatics, theoretical, and statistical support in collaborative efforts with experimental researchers, focusing on the areas of HIV-1 viral diversity, the human immune response to infection, and vaccine design. She has also worked on Filoviruses, hepatitis C, and influenza viral evolution and vaccine designs, and, like so many, has recently begun to work on Coronavirus. Some of her vaccine design concepts have shown promise in animal studies, and her mosaic HIV vaccine concept is currently being evaluated in a human clinical trial, Imbokodo. Some of her awards and honors include: E.O. Lawrence Award, Department of Energy’s highest scientific honor (2004); Secretary of the Dept. of Energy Award for her work on the Ebola Task Force (2017); Richard P. Feynman Innovation Prize (2018); R&D 100 Scientist of the Year (2018); Battelle’s Inventor of the Year (2019).

12:00 - 1:30 Friday, December 11, 2020 To be held on Zoom.  


2017 - Scott Zeger, PhD
Professor of Biostatistics
Bloomberg School of Public Health
Johns Hopkins University


3:00pm Monday, Oct. 2, 2017 - Bayesian Hierarchical Models to Improve Clinical and Public Health Decisions.  Hock Auditorium, Ground Floor
12:00 Tuesday, October 3, 2017: Population and Individualized Health (Precision Medicine);Two sides of the Same CoinDCRI, North Pavilion, Lower Lecture Hall

2016 - Andrew Gelman, PhD 
Professor of Statistics and Political Science
Director of the Applied Statistics Center
Columbia University


3:00pm Oct. 6, 2016 Session 1: The Statistical Crisis in Science - Hock Plaza Auditorium, Ground Floor

12:00pm Oct. 7, 2016 Session 2: Taking Bayesian Inference Seriously - North Pavillion Lower Level Lecture Hall

2015 - Ross Prentice, PhD
Member and former Director of the Public Health Sciences Division
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Professor of Biostatistics
University of Washington


Session 1: Multivariate Failure Time Data Analysis Methods        

Session 2: The Women’s Health Initiative: History, Contributions and On-going Research

2014 - Nan M. Laird, PhD
Professor of Biostatistics
Harvard School of Public Health
Harvard University


Session 1: Family Designs in the Genetic Association Analysis

Session 2: Meta Analysis Heterogenity can be a Good Thing

2013 – Bradley Efron, PhD
Professor of Statistics
Stanford University



Session 1:  A 250 Year Argument (Belief, Behavior and the Bootstrap)

Session 2: Bayesian and Frequentist Issues in Large-Scale Inference

2012 - Stuart J. Pocock, PhD, MD
Professor of Medical Statistics
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine



Session 1: Current Controversies in Data Monitoring of Clinical Trials including Adaptive Design

Session 2: Interpretation of Composite Endpoints in Clinical Trials, and Proposals for Improvement

2011 – Frank E. Harrell, Jr. PhD
Professor and Chair
Department of Biostatistics
Vanderbilt University


Session 1: Statistical Workshop of Reproducible Research

Session 2: Predictive Modeling Roadmap

Session 3: Sensitivity, Specificity, and Useful Measures of Diagnostic Utility