Duke Cancer Institute

Duke Cancer Institute Affiliated Faculty

The Duke Cancer Institute (DCI) is a single entity -- the first of its kind at Duke -- that brings cancer care and research even closer together. By uniting hundreds of cancer physicians, researchers, educators, and staff across the medical center, medical school, and health system under a shared administrative structure, the DCI offers unprecedented opportunities for teamwork among the scientists in our labs and caregivers in our hospitals and clinics. 

DCI's vision is to accelerate research advances related to cancer and improve Duke's ability to translate these discoveries into the most advanced cancer care to patients. The DCI is one of only 69 centers in the country designated by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) as a “comprehensive cancer center,” combining cutting-edge research with compassionate care.

Liz DeLong
Susan Halabi
James Herndon
James Herndon
Terry Hyslop
Sin Ho Jung
Warren Kibbe
Zhiguo Li
Donna Niedzwicki
Kouros Owzar
Bercedis Peterson
Greg Samsa
Xiaofei Wang
Yuan Wu
Jichun Xie