Duke Center for Health Informatics

Duke Center for Health Informatics Affiliated Faculty

Under the direction of  W. Ed Hammond, PhD, the Duke Center for Health Informatics (DCHI) is Duke’s focal point for health informatics, built on a distinguished history in applied research informatics. DCHI oversees an innovative interdisciplinary approach to education and research designed to bring together informaticians as well as physicians, nurses, and health care administrators with expertise in aggregation, analysis, and use of informatics to improve human health. DCHI is comprised of central leadership from participating academic programs and a cadre of expert faculty affiliated with the Center. DCHI promotes research and education in a broad range of environments, which provides students with a variety of options for practical experience to achieve specific career goals.

Recognizing the critical need for individuals with skills at the interface of data and analysis, the Department has recently established a Division of Translational Biomedical Informatics.  The Division incorporates a small but growing core of faculty members who serve as a unifying force for a wider community of creative individuals across Duke University making significant contributions in biomedical informatics.  It is closely aligned with the Duke Center for Health Informatics.

Kevin Anstrom
Kingshuk Roy Choudhury
Ben Goldstein
Cindy Green
Susan Halabi
Erich Huang
Terry Hyslop
Warren Kibbe
Anna Maria Masci
Lawrence Muhlbaier
Kouros Owzar
Michael Pencina
Jesse Tenenbaum