Student-Led Seminars

BIOSTAT 900: Current Problems in Biostatistics

See below for a listing of topics with links to presentation slides and speaker profiles from the student-led Problems in Biostatistics seminar. Students explore topics in blocks that involve student presentations and invited talks from faculty and other experts in the field.  Seminars were previously overseen by our Department Chair, Dr. Elizabeth Delong, and are now led by the Director of Graduate Studies, Dr. Huiman Barnhart.

Student-Led Seminars





Application of U-Statistics

Friday, 2/10/17

Tongrong Wang

Group  or cluster Randomized Trials, or individual randomized group trials  (GRT, cRCT, iRGT)

Friday, 2/24/17

Friday, 3/10/17

Friday, 3/24/17

Friday, 4/14/17

Dr. David Murray

Ben Brewer

Evalyn Breikss

David Wang

Key Principles of Clinical Trials

Friday 4/28/17

Frank Rockhold


                                                                Fall 2016
Block Topic Speakers
Research in Biopharmaceutical Research   Dr. Steve Snapinn, Amgen
High Dimensional Methods and Inference Rules for False Discovery Rate Control John Pura
Matrix Completion & Applications Nicole Solomon
Structured Matrix Completion with Applications to Genomic Data Integration Aaron Jones
High Dimensional Data Dr. Jichun Xie
GEE/U-statistics GEE Introduction to the Generalized Estimating
Equations and its Applications in Small Cluster
Randomized Trials
Fan Li
Introduction to U statistics and UGEE Jianghao Li



Term Block and Student Lead Topic Invited Speakers
Fall 2015 Causal Inference - John Pura Propensity Score Dr. Laine Thomas
Instrumental Variables
Clinical Trials - Nicole Solomon Interim Analysis and Sequential Testing Dr. Marie Davidian
Stepped Wedge Design Dr. Butch Tsiatis
Spring 2016 Statistical Genetics - Fan Li Rare Variant Association Dr. Andrew Allen
Missing Heritability in GWAs
Longitudinal Data Analysis - Aaron Jones Model Selection with QIC & CIC Dr. Jane Pendergast
Repeated Measures ANOVA