Faculty Ben Goldstein gives talk on Electronic Health Records

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May. 29, 2020


Faculty Ben Goldstein delivered a comprehensive talk on Electronic Health Records available though the Duke University Health System to Duke University and Health System researchers, “Working with EHR Data from Duke University Health System: What is it and How Do I do it?"

Dr. Goldstein reviewed complexities in the data architecture of the DUHS Health Information System, data elements that are captured through EHR and limitations that crop up as a result of data capture and the absence of data quality controls in some cases. In addition, Dr. Goldstein reviewed analytic considerations that must be weighed when using EHR as well as the potential for new avenues for clinical, public health, and social and behavioral health research that may be pursued.  The presentation highlighted various initiatives that are underway at Duke to organize and facilitate access to EHR data including several “Data Marts” that seek to provide structured data in a relational format for specific uses. Dr. Goldstein provided a review of several points of access, IRB and compliance requirements, and pragmatic considerations to designing  EHR  research studies.  View Dr. Goldstein’s presentation below.