Departmental Staff

Staff Listing

Photo of Tasha Allison

Tasha Allison

Staff Assistant
919 668-6735

Photo of Ama Antwi

Ama Antwi

Staff Assistant - Division of Integrative Genomics
919 660-6882

Photo of Ellen Jane Baker

Ellen Jane Baker

Career Services Director
919 681-8810

Photo of Shannon Clarke

Shannon Clarke

Research Development Associate Sr.
919 681-3380

Photo of Catherine Diederich

Catherine Diederich

Program Coordinator, Senior
919 613-0310

Photo of Tim Durning

Tim Durning

Grants & Contracts Administrator
919 684-9447

Photo of Monica Elam

Monica Elam

Senior Business Manager
919 684-7690

Photo of Michelle Evans

Michelle Evans

Associate Director, Strategy and Operation
919 613-6137

Photo of Tanya Exum-Coston

Tanya Exum-Coston

Grants & Contracts Administrator
919 681-5218

Photo of Terry Hales

Terry Hales

Administrative Assistant
919 668-8828

Photo of Carrie Holbert

Carrie Holbert

Grants & Contracts Administrator
919 681-4563

Photo of LaDonna Huseman

LaDonna Huseman

Program Coordinator, Doctorate in Biostatistics Program
803 795-5554

Photo of Gail Ladd

Gail Ladd

Program Coordinator, Senior Clinical Research Training Program
919 681-4560

Photo of Deborah Martin

Deborah Martin

Senior Grants and Contracts Manager
919 668-0384

Photo of James Merritt

James Merritt

Financial Management Analyst II
336 380-0537

Photo of Kendall Mincey

Kendall Mincey

Program Coordinator, Masters in Biostatistics Program
919 668-5876

Photo of Kayla Schneider

Kayla Schneider

HR Departmental Director
919 681-8830

Photo of Kay Scott

Kay Scott

Staff Assistant
919 668-5890

Photo of Randy Sears

Randy Sears

Operations Director, MMCi Program
919 681-8817

Photo of Jim Thomas

Jim Thomas

Multimedia and User Services Specialist
919 668-9050

Photo of Sharon Updike

Sharon Updike

Communications Strategist
919 684-8038

Photo of Darla Wherry

Darla Wherry

Faculty HR Coordinator
919 668-8826