Protocols and Reagents

Sample Preparation Protocols

* SILAC reagents are provided to collaborators of the core at significantly reduced cost. Please contact us if you are interested.

Reference Peptides and Proteins

JPT SpikeTides

SpikeTides (TM) represent fully synthetic customized peptides that terminate as native C-terminal heavily labeled or light Arg or Lys peptides or consist of a tryptic fragment fused to a proprietary JPT-tag. The latter tagged peptides enable cost efficient access to quantified proteotypic peptides. JPT has developed a synthesis technology that enables ultra-fast, highly parallel and inexpensive synthesis of small scale peptides ideally suited for proteome-wide profiling using SRM/MRM proteomic assays. The sequences can be selected from bioinformatic prediction (i.e. Peptide Sieve) or from proteomic data repositories, such as the Peptide Atlas that predict proteotypic peptides corresponding to peptides will be obtained from typtic digestion of native proteomes.

OriGene Heavy-Labeled Full-Length Protein as MS 

OriGene now offers the service to generate mass spectrometry (MS) standards for 5,000 human proteins. Produced in human HEK293T cells and labeled with [U- 13C6, 15N4]-L-Arginine and [U- 13C6, 15N2]-L-Lysine, the full length proteins with appropriate post-translational modifications can make excellent internal standards for quantification.