Health Impacts of the Built Environment and Air Quality Through the Lenses of Epigenetics and Electronic Health Records”

Seminar Series

Friday, September 24, 2021 - 12:00

Environmental epidemiology is being rapidly transformed by the wealth of data now available. Electronic health records are empowering studies of vulnerable patient populations with sample sizes and depths of clinical phenotyping previously unavailable. Meanwhile molecular data allow researchers to investigate the molecular effects of pollutants in human populations, generating novel hypotheses for future mechanistic studies. In this talk, we will explore how electronic health records are being used to make new insights into health effects of poor air quality for heart failure patients and how epigenetic biomarkers constructed from genome-wide DNA methylation assays are enabling new studies of the health effects of the built environment.


Cavin Ward-Caviness, PhD
ATS Fellow
Computational Biologist with the Public Health and Integrated Toxicology Division of the US EPA

This seminar will be presented via Zoom.

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