Jun 4

The Children’s Health & Discovery Initiative launch event highlights research to “end disease where it begins”

The Children’s Health & Discovery Initiative (CHDI) held a launch event on Thursday, May 31st,...

May 9

Pencina Named Vice Dean for Data Science and Information Technology for School of Medicine

Michael Pencina, PhD, was named vice dean for data science and information technology for the Duke...

Aug 24

Overview of Missing Data

National databases provide rich sources to...

Aug 15

Building a machine learning health system

Abstract: Using Electronic Health Records (EHRs)...

Jul 27

The SEMinal SEM SEMinar: An introduction to structural equation models

Structural equation modeling (SEM) is a flexible...

Educational Programs

PhD in Biostatistics

The PhD in Biostatistics is awarded by the Duke University Graduate School

Master of  Biostatistics

As biomedical research becomes increasingly quantitative and complex, a need exists for individuals...

Duke Industry Statistics Symposium (DISS2017)

Real World Experience and Randomized Clinical Trials...

High-Throughput Sequencing Course

The Department of Biostatistics & Bioinformatics introduces a hands-on 6 week short course...

Research Groups

Duke Clinical Research Institute

Duke Cancer Institute

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