Creating the Fourth Chapter of Human Genomics

February 21, 2022
4:00 pm to 5:00 pm

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Erin Rhodes


Precision Genomics Collaboratory Genomic Seminar Series


Eric Green
The coming decade offers great promise for the field of human genomics. The growing insights gained from early studies of DNA and, in particular, the molecular biology revolution laid the foundation for the launch of the Human Genome Project just over three decades ago. Since then, genomics has become progressively entrenched within the bedrock of the biomedical research enterprise. Capitalizing on the momentum of the project's successful completion in 2003, the field of genomics has since expanded and matured substantially, such that genomics now regularly plays a central and catalytic role in basic and translational research, and studies increasingly demonstrate the vital part that genomic information can play in clinical care. Looking ahead, the anticipated advances in technologies, biological insights, and clinical applications (among others) will lead to more widespread dissemination of genomics throughout biomedical research, a growing adoption of genomics into medical and public-health practices, and an increasing relevance of genomics in everyday life. To capitalize on these opportunities, the National Human Genome Research Institute is working to develop and implement new programs and initiatives that will help create the latest chapter in human genomics, with a particular emphasis on making genomics broadly and equitably integrated in medicine. To attend IN PERSON, please register:

Genomic Seminar Series