Anne Draelos, PhD receives Postdoctoral Award in Neuroscience Research

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Anne Draelos, PhD
Jun. 27, 2019

The Board of Directors of the Ruth K Broad Biomedical Research Foundation selected a project by Anne Draelos, PhD,  “Real-Time Functional Characterization of Neural Circuits” for a Postdoctoral Award. This work will focus on developing an online data analysis platform capable of both determining neural function and adaptively selecting targets for intervention in real-time.  The long-term goal is to use this real-time data to deliver targeted therapeutic stimulation adapted to the brain's current state, helping to map normal and abnormal neurological function at the circuit level. 

Anne has been a member of the Pearson Lab since September 2018.  She received her bachelor’s degrees in physics and computer science from NC State University.  She completed graduate school at Duke University with a Master’s in electrical and computer engineering and PhD in Physics, focusing on low temperature quantum transport.  Her current research is studying machine learning and statistical techniques to facilitate real-time analysis of neural data.