BB Faculty Cliburn Chan publishes book on Quantitative Methods for HIV/AIDS Research

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Cliburn Chan
Nov. 10, 2017

Cliburn Chan, PhD collaborated with Michael Hudgens, PhD (UNC) and Shein-Chung Chow, PhD (FDA), to edit a book on modern statistical approaches and methods for the analysis of HIV/AIDS data.   The first section focuses on statistical issues in clinical trials and epidemiology that are unique to or particularly challenging in HIV/AIDS research; the second section focuses on the analysis of laboratory data used for immune monitoring, biomarker discovery and vaccine development; the final section focuses on statistical issues in the mathematical modeling of HIV/AIDS pathogenesis, treatment and epidemiology.

It brings together a broad perspective of new quantitative methods in HIV/AIDS research, contributed by statisticians and mathematicians immersed in HIV research, many of whom are current or previous leaders of CFAR quantitative cores. This book is published by Chapman and Hall/CRC Press, Taylor & Francis, New York.