B&B Faculty play lead roles in NIH Grant Award to create the Duke Center of Excellence in Genome Science

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Tim Reddy, PhD
Sep. 25, 2020

Three B&B Faculty, Andrew, Allen, PhD, Tim Reddy, PhD, and Warren Kibbe, PhD, with four other Duke Researchers will serve as Principal Investigators for a multimillion dollar NIH Center of Excellence in Genome Science (CEGS) award for the Duke FUNCTION Center: Pioneering the comprehensive identification of combinatorial noncoding causes of disease. Another PI, Greg Wray, PhD also has a secondary appointment with the Department of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics.  

The Duke Function Center will be the first systematic and comprehensive framework for determining the effects of combinations of regulatory elements on gene expression and downstream phenotypes. The expected outcome will be a paradigm shift in human genetic and genomics in which it will become possible to finally understand the full regulatory complexity that controls the expression of human genes.

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