Faculty Cliburn Chan awarded Quantitative Methods in HIV/AIDS Research Education Grant

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Oct. 12, 2018

Dr. Cliburn Chan was recently awarded five year research education grant by NIAID to provide training in quantitative methods for HIV/AIDS research.  With recent technological advances, HIV/AIDS research is generating increasingly large and complex data sets. Given the data complexity, major HIV/AIDS research projects must adopt a multi-disciplinary team science approach.  While HIV/AIDS researchers must to understand the data science and statistical analysis challenges associated with large data sets; statistical, computational and mathematical researchers also need to understand the challenges specific to HIV/AIDS research. 

The training program directly addresses those needs and will  be comprised of a series of workshops for HIV/AIDS researchers in Data Science, Statistical Thinking, and Multi-parameter Assay Analysis, together with a summer internship program. The internship program will fund 12 graduate students in quantitative disciplines such as Biostatistics, Data Science, Statistics, Computer Science, Mathematics and Engineering to work with leading researchers at Duke and UNC Chapel Hill on challenging problems in HIV/AIDS. Combined, the workshops and internships will build a cadre of HIV/AIDS and quantitative scientists able to effectively bridge disciplinary communication barriers, and form effective and productive collaborative partnerships.

Our faculty and staff leading this research education program are Cliburn Chan, Josh Granek, Tina Davenport, Janice McCarthy, John Pearson and Kouros Owzar and the Duke Center for AIDS Research (CFAR).  Please contact cliburn.chan@duke.edu for more information about opportunities to participate.