Faculty Erich Huang, named Director of Duke Forge and Chief Data Officer for DUHS

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Erich Huang, MD, PhD
Feb. 4, 2020

Dr. Huang has served as Co-Director since Duke Forge’s inception in 2017. Duke Forge is located in the School of Medicine and serves as the center for actionable health data science, uniting experts from across the campus. He also serves as Director of Duke Crucible and Assistant Dean for Biomedical Informatics in the School of Medicine. In a time of disruptive transformation, Dr. Huang is leading efforts to explore how technology and data can improve health for patients.

 As a physician-scientist, Dr Huang is a critical addition to the Health System’s Quality System. Under his leadership, the Health System will use data science to advance the ambitious agenda of “perfect patient care,” moving from quality measures built on claims data to a new world of deep clinical phenotyping based on clinical data, advanced, biomarkers, genomics and social and behavioral determinants of health.