Faculty Jessilyn Dunn co-authors study on accuracy of wearable devices in NPJ Digital Medicine

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Jessilyn Dunn, PhD
Feb. 13, 2020

How accurate are our wearable devices? There have been news reports that Fitbits and other wearable devices that track exercise and heart rate might not be as accurate depending on the skin tone of the wearer and also the type of activity and device. 

Faculty Jessilyn Dunn with Biomedical Engineering (BME) PhD Candidate Brinnae Bent from the Dunn Big Ideas Lab did an extensive study to examine inaccuracies in wearables data. The study was published this week in the journal NPJ Digital Medicine.  Dunn also co-authored a companion blog post on the research with Bent as well.  Faculty Warren Kibbe and Ben Goldstein also contributed to the study.

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