Brooke Alhanti

Brooke Alhanti
DCRI - Statistics, Statistical Scientist

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Dr. Alhanti does collaborative clinical research with observation data, primarily focused in cardiology and musculoskeletal disease, but also has an interest in environmental health issues, including air quality and climate-related exposures. She runs a team of biostatisticians who work with the Duke Health system to improve patient care and outcomes through the Population Health Management Office. She teaches a master level coding course focused on the R language.


  • PhD, 2016, Emory University


  • Multifactorial Multifactorial spatiotemporal analyses to evaluate environmental triggers and patient-level clinical characteristics of severe asthma exacerbations in children awarded by NIH  2019-2021
  • Environmental pesticide exposure and respiratory outcomes in women and children awarded by NIEHS  2016-2019


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BIOSTAT 721: Introduction to Statistical Programming I