Academic Core in Clinical Research Certificate

The Academic Core in Clinical Research or the "Certificate option" offers students a one-year didactic experience that enhances their clinical research skills. The certificate requires that students complete the five core courses (CRP 241, 242, 245, 253, and 254) that are required for the degree track. As with all options within CRTP, the certificate program is designed for part-time study, which allows the fellow/student to integrate the program’s academic program with clinical training.

Certificate candidates have the option of switching to the degree option and applying their coursework toward the degree requirements.

All courses within the Clinical Research Training Program utilize a Pass/Fail grading scale. Each Course Director is required to make clear on their course syllabus how grades will be determined, what work in the course will be graded, and what standards will be applied.

More information about the CRTP program, grades and course work is available on pages 195-201 of the School of Medicine Bulletin.


School of Medicine Bulletin


CRTP 250

“The Academic Core really fills a niche and provides training to physicians and other health care researchers that have unique needs relative to other professional and graduate programs."