Admission to the program requires an advanced degree in a clinical or basic health science from an accredited institution or completion of two years of medical school. The program is designed for part-time study, allowing trainees to integrate the program’s academic program with their clinical training/work. Applicants may apply to the program as degree candidates, certificate candidates or as non-degree candidates. 

The degree option leads to a Master of Health Sciences in Clinical Research (MHSc), a professional degree awarded by the Duke University School of Medicine and provides two distinct tracks to the MHSc degree: one designed to prepare individuals for careers as clinical researchers and the other for individuals preparing for careers as basic scientists across a range of discovery sciences.

The academic certificate option, the “Academic Core in Clinical Research Certificate,” provides students with a one-year didactic experience to enhance their clinical research skills. The courses in CRTP are also available to qualified individuals who want to acquire specific skills but who may not want to pursue the degree or academic certificate.  Additional information about each of these program options can be found below.


More information about the CRTP program, grades, course work, and academic policies is available on the School of Medicine Bulletin.