B&B Faculty Terry Hyslop’s Interdisciplinary Proposal, Research Colloquia In Big Data Selected For Funding

The Duke University School of Medicine provides support for interdisciplinary colloquia to bring together basic science, translational and clinical faculty members with common interests in a biomedical problem or area.  Dr. Hyslop’s proposal was chosen for the 2015-2016 cycle.  

Momentum has been built on campus around a T32 application in big data that encompasses the Schools of Medicine, Engineering, and Arts and Sciences.  Forty-four faculty from across these schools have engaged to train computational scientists in biostatistics, statistics, computational biology, and electrical and computer engineering. 

As PI of the T32 application, Dr. Hyslop will establish bi-monthly colloquia to bring together researchers interested in big data with the goal of establishing partnerships and working groups in the development of new grant applications around methodologies leveraging big data, particularly to deepen our understanding of human disease.  Medical partners with interest in big data from DCI, DCRI and other appropriate Centers and Institutes will be invited to participate.  This application is the first of its kind to blend computational faculty from across the Medical School and University sides of campus and unite students from these departments in a unique inter-disciplinary environment.