Duke Center for Combinatorial Gene Regulation hosts annual CEGS meeting

The Duke Center for Combinatorial Gene Regulation (CCGR), an NHGRI Center of Excellence in Genome Sciences (CEGS), hosted the annual CEGS meeting October 18-20.

The CEGS program supports the formation of multi-investigator, interdisciplinary research teams to develop novel and innovative genomic research. Projects using the data sets and technologies developed by the Human Genome Project. Currently, there are 13 CEGS programs nationwide.

a collage of pictures from the CEGS meeting. 5 pictures total. Top left, a woman speaks at a podium. Top left, attendees sit around tables in a large room. Middle: three women watch a presentation. Bottom Left: a man talking at a podium. Bottom Left, a young man talking at the podium

Tim Reddy, PhD, associate professor of biostatistics and bioinformatics and co-PI of CCGR presented an update about CCGR research on October 18.

Several Duke trainees will present posters at the CEGS meeting:

  • Yuncheng Duan, graduate student, Andrew Allen Lab
  • Kuei-Yueh Ko, graduate student, Tim Reddy Lab
  • Laavanya Sankaranarayanan, graduate student, Tim Reddy Lab
  • Charlie Sheehan, graduate student, Kathryn Meyer Lab
  • Matthew Tegowski, PhD, Postdoctoral Associate, Kathryn Meyer Lab
  • Xue (Scarlett) Zou, graduate student, Andrew Allen Lab
Top left: two women discussing a scientific poster; Top right: woman standing; Bottom left: two men discussing scientific poster; Bottom Right; three men discussing scientific poster

In addition to Reddy, co-PIs of CCGR include Andrew Allen, PhD; Greg Crawford, PhD; Charlie Gersbach, PhD; Warren Kibbe, PhD; Vandana Shashi, MD; and Greg Wray, PhD.