Faculty Susan Halabi recognized at the 25th Annual Prostate Cancer Foundation Scientific Retreat for Receiving Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride PCF Valor Challenge Award

Recent Updates

Dr. Susan Halabi
Oct. 31, 2018

The Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) and Movember Foundation awarded four new Movember Foundation-PCF Challenge Awards at the Scientific Retreat held on Oct. 26-28 in Carlsbad CA.  A total of $3.5 million was awarded to support cross-disciplinary pioneering research toward finding a cure for prostate cancer. Of these funds, $3 million came from the 2017 Movember U.S. Campaign, and $503,000 came from the 2017 Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride.

Dr. Halabi received a $500,000 Challenge Award for “Surrogate Endpoints of Overall Survival in Men with Metastatic Hormone Sensitive Prostate Cancer.”  Other Principal Investigators for this study are Dr. Christopher Sweeney of Harvard, Dana Farber Cancer Institute and Dr. Jayne Tierney of University College London.  The focus of this study is to identify clinical endpoints that reliably predict overall survival in men with metastatic hormone sensitive prostate cancer, which can be used to speed clinical trials.  “These recipients will advance prostate cancer research to new heights, and the Movember Foundation is honored to be a part of this initiative of supporting teams of scientists embarking on new breakthroughs that move the field toward the greatest unmet need – a cure for prostate cancer,” said Paul Villanti, Executive Director Programs for the Movember Foundation. Click here to learn more about this award.  

The PCF and the Movember Foundation have partnered to defeat prostate cancer. To date, the Movember Foundation has contributed more than $50 million to the PCF to fund programs to advance top prostate cancer research priorities.   As part of the PCF’s commitment to accelerate research and innovation in prostate cancer, Challenge Award teams are required to include at least three investigators, one of whom must be a young investigator. Each proposal submitted to the PCF is subjected to a rigorous peer-review process that assesses the scientific merit of the project, as well as its potential impact on patients. Of note, three of this year’s winning research projects focus on US Veterans, and are also designated PCF VALOR Award recipients.

Susan Halabi recognized at the Scientific Retreat