Student Health & Wellness

Kendall Mincey
Health & Wellness Coach, Kendall Mincey

As the B&B Health & Wellness Coach, Kendall Mincey provides a number of services that aim to enhance the lives of students. She offers one-on-one and group coaching sessions, hosts culture-share coffee chats, designs interactive message boards, and organizes social activities and events. 

During individual sessions, students are coached on how to manage their personal wellness. This consists of 7 components: exercise and rest, nutrition, personal and professional development, relationships and communication, spirituality, and the mind-body connection. The topics of group coaching sessions often involve time management, building community, goal setting, trying new things, and exploring areas of common interests. In her role, Mincey inspires students and aids in their personal development. 

Health & Wellness Coach Bio: Kendall Mincey joined Duke in 2017. She moved from a grade school administration background but is educated as a visual artist and spends weekends painting.  Kendall has always been passionate about building relationships and helping others.  She was one of five Program Coordinators selected to participate in the Duke Integrative Health and Wellness Coaching Program. She graduated from the program in November 2021 and earned her National Board Certification in July 2023.