GCB News

Diao Receives $3 Million Grant from 4D Nucleome Consortium

Yarui Diao, Ph.D. received a U01 grant, totaling $3 million in research funding for 5 years, from 4D Nucleome Consortium (phase 2) through the NIH Common fund. Diao aims to determine the function and regulation of high-order chromatin structure on gene regulation and skeletal muscle regeneration in response to ischemia induced limb damage and recovery.

Primate Evolution's Tangled Tree | Fundamental Concepts with Jenny Tung

Duke Associate Professor and MacArthur fellowship recipient Jenny Tung discusses tree metaphors, human evolution, and what might have happened when our ancestors ran into other extinct archaic hominins. This video is part of Duke University's Fundamental Concepts series. Each episode features a Duke faculty member explaining an entire concept from beginning to end in roughly 10 minutes.

Diao and Lowe awarded Genomic Innovator Awards

The National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI), part of the National Institutes of Health, selected Yarui Diao and Craig Lowe, two Genomic and Computational Biology (GCB) faculty, to receive 2020 Genomic Innovator Awards. NHGRI honored a total of 12 early career investigators in genomics. Each awardee will receive five years of funding.

Research Roundup: August 2020

Here are summaries of a selection of the papers published by GCB faculty in August 2020:


Charlie Gersbach was part of a team that investigated enhancer RNA (eRNA) to gain a better understanding of their role in neuronal gene regulation. Read more