BERD Methods Core


Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Research Design (BERD) Methods Core is a team of faculty and staff methodologists across several departments with diverse and extensive experience conducting a broad range of research projects.



To work with an interdisciplinary network of clinical investigators conducting research at Duke by providing expertise in study design, implementation of statistical methodology, and interpretation of results.

What We Do

  • Develop appropriate teams to facilitate collaborative relationships between methodologists (including but not limited to experts in biostatistics, bioinformatics, data science, and qualitative research) and basic and clinical investigators
  •  Provide expertise and guidance on all aspects of study design, statistical methodology implementation, and results interpretation
  • Participate in protocol development and grant applications with design, analysis considerations, and power/sample size calculations
  • Collaborate with the Duke Office of Clinical Research (DOCR) in database design and programming
  • Design and conduct statistical analyses for prospective and retrospective studies
  • Collaborate on manuscript preparation, serve as co-authors
  • Provide methodological and statistical education and training for both methodology experts and investigators

Start a Collaboration

  • Submit a collaboration request form
  • Attend walk-in office hours, every Monday 9:00 to 10:00am in Hock Plaza, Floor 11, Room 11016
  • Contact your Clinical Research Unit (CRU) manager or CRU biostatistician
  • For questions about building a collaboration with methodologists contact Statistical Research Scientist & BERD Methods Core Director, Gina-Maria Pomann, PhD.

Biostatistics Collaborations: An Online Training Series

We present an online video training series that aims to promote collaborations between researchers in the biomedical field and biostatistics. All of the presentations use a case study format to discuss important statistical topics used in the study and focus on the interpretations and applications in public health.

Download Biostatistics Core Documents