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Microbial Job Stability

How functions in microbial communities remain constant despite varying compositions

Microbial communities, whether those found in the human gut, marine waters, seaweed, or wild bromeliads, can vary drastically, both in their species numbers and in composition. But despite the variations, certain functions in these microbial communities stay stable, and now researchers at Duke are understanding why.

Gordân Among 2022 DST Spark Seed Grant Winners

The Office for Research and Innovation has awarded funding to nine best-in-class projects, including a GCB faculty member, for the inaugural Duke Science and Technology (DST) Spark Seed Grant program. This year’s winners include early- to mid-career faculty from across campus and the School of Medicine who were selected from a pool of 52 finalists for delivering innovative and creative ideas in pursuit of new directions and the enhancement of research and scholarship at Duke.

2022 Summer Scholars Officially Kicks Off

The Duke Center for Genomic and Computational Biology (GCB) and the Center for Precision Medicine has partnered once again with North Carolina Central University (NCCU) for the Summer Scholars Program in Genome Sciences and Medicine, welcoming students to Durham, North Carolina

Lipid Serendipity

A newly discovered protein modification opens up another world of discovery